BREAKING: I am the OFFICIAL Democratic nominee for the U.S. Senate in Nevada. With The Cook Political Report calling Nevada "the most perilous" swing state for Democrats and Trump recently endorsing my opponent, Sam Brown, I need your help. Please, will you chip in now to help win this crucial battleground state?

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IT’S OFFICIAL: Jacky’s running against Trump-endorsed extremist Sam Brown.

Press Releases

Jacky Rosen Launches First TV and Digital Ads of 2024 Senate Race in Battleground Nevada

New Rosen ad highlights her record as one of the most bipartisan, independent, and effective Senators – helping veterans, supporting police officers, and pushing for border security funding

Today, U.S. Senator Jacky Rosen’s campaign released its first TV ad of the 2024 election cycle, “Never Have,” about how she has kept her promise from 2018 not to walk the party line in Washington. The ad touts Senator Rosen’s record as one of the most bipartisan, independent, and effective Senators who doesn’t hesitate to work across the aisle or stand up to her own party to do what’s right for Nevada.

The ad also highlights how Senator Rosen has worked in a bipartisan way to deliver for Nevada families, including helping pass historic legislation to expand access to health care for veterans exposed to toxic burn pits. She’s also stood up to her own party leaders to support police officers and push for more funding for border security.

The new ad will air on broadcast and digital in the Las Vegas and Reno media markets starting tomorrow. It will run simultaneously with new Spanish-language ads as part of the campaign’s continued investment in reaching Nevada’s Latino community.

While Senator Rosen is communicating to Nevada voters for the general election, extreme MAGA Republicans are facing a crowded and divisive primary between now and June 11.


I’m Jacky Rosen, and six years ago I promised to do what’s right for Nevada, not my party leaders.

[Rosen in 2018 TV Ad] “I won’t walk the party line.”

And I never have.

I’m proud to be named one of the most bipartisan Senators, because I’ve worked with both parties on things like helping veterans exposed to burn pits.

And stood up to my own party to support police officers and get more funding for border security.

I approve this message because I don’t work for anyone in Washington.

I work for you.