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IT’S OFFICIAL: Jacky’s running against Trump-endorsed extremist Sam Brown.

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NEW: Jacky Rosen Launches First Spanish-Language TV and Digital Ads of 2024 Senate Race in Battleground Nevada

New ad highlights Rosen’s untraditional – but very Nevadan – path to office, and her work to lower costs like housing and prescription drugs for hardworking Nevada families

Today, U.S. Senator Jacky Rosen’s campaign released its first Spanish-Language TV and digital ads of the 2024 election cycle, “Un Camino Diferente,” about Rosen’s untraditional – but very Nevadan – path to office and her work to lower costs for hardworking Nevada families. Rosen’s new ad is one of the first general election Spanish-language ads in the nation to be launched for a U.S. Senate race so far this cycle.

Rosen is leading the charge to bring down costs for Nevada families – including working to lower housing prices by holding corporate investors accountable for buying up housing stock and driving up prices in Nevada. She also successfully took on big drug companies to cap the cost of insulin at $35/month and finally allow Medicare to negotiate for lower drug costs.

The new ads are a part of the Rosen campaign’s ongoing outreach efforts to mobilize Nevada’s Latino community, which makes up nearly 20% of the electorate and will once again be decisive in the 2024 election.

“Jacky Rosen has a strong track record of fighting for Nevada’s hardworking Latinos in the Senate – taking on special interests and giant corporations to lower costs for our families,” said Erika Herrera, Rosen for Nevada Political Director. “Jacky understands the importance and power of the Latino community in Nevada, and this major investment in Spanish-language media is a reflection of our campaign’s ongoing efforts to engage early and consistently with the Latino voters who will decide the 2024 election.”

The new ad will air starting tomorrow in Las Vegas on broadcast and digital, including on Univision, Telemundo, YouTube, and Adsmovil.


El camino de Jacky Rosen al Senado no fué muy tradicional, pero es Nevadense.
Jacky Rosen’s path to the Senate wasn’t very traditional, but it is very Nevadan.

Ahorró lo que ganaba en propinas para pagar su universidad.
She saved what she made in tips to pay for community college.

Y detuvo su carrera para cuidar a sus padres jubilados.
And put her career on hold to care for her aging parents.

En el senado, ella exhibió el abuso de inversionistas corporativos que han aumentado el costo de la vivienda.
In the Senate, Jacky Rosen is holding corporate investors accountable for raising the price of housing.

Y ganó la lucha contra las compañías farmacéuticas, fijando el costo de la insulina a $35 dólares al mes para todos.
And she won the fight against the big drug companies, capping the cost of insulin at $35 for everyone.

La Senadora Jacky Rosen. Muy Nevadense.
Senator Jacky Rosen. Very Nevadan.

Soy Jacky Rosen and I approve this message.