BREAKING: I am the OFFICIAL Democratic nominee for the U.S. Senate in Nevada. With The Cook Political Report calling Nevada "the most perilous" swing state for Democrats and Trump recently endorsing my opponent, Sam Brown, I need your help. Please, will you chip in now to help win this crucial battleground state?

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IT’S OFFICIAL: Jacky’s running against Trump-endorsed extremist Sam Brown.

Rosen For Nevada Raised Record-Breaking $5 Million in First Quarter of 2024, Has Unprecedented $13.2 Million Cash On Hand

Thanks to strong fundraising advantage, Rosen campaign launched English and Spanish ads last week and placed historic $14 million ad reservation to win the general election

Today, U.S. Senator Jacky Rosen’s reelection campaign announced that it raised a record-breaking $5 million in the first quarter of 2024 and increased the campaign’s cash on hand to an unprecedented $13.2 million heading into April.

More than 27,500 donors to Rosen’s reelection this quarter were first-time contributors. 97% of all donations were $100 or less, and the average online donation in Q1 was $31.75. The campaign has also received donations from all 17 counties across Nevada for the 2024 cycle.

Thanks to Rosen’s fundraising strength, the campaign has already launched its first ads – in both English and Spanish – about her record as one of the most bipartisan, independent, and effective Senators, as well as her untraditional path to office and work to lower costs for hardworking Nevadans. The Rosen campaign has also announced a historic $14 million ad reservation for the general election, the largest single ad reservation in history for a Nevada U.S. Senate race.

Meanwhile, the field of MAGA Republicans running against Rosen are locked in a messy and expensive primary battle that is forcing them to fight over their loyalty to Donald Trump and his MAGA agenda as they race to the far-right.

Rosen for Nevada Campaign Manager Stewart Boss:

“Thanks to our incredible fundraising strength fueled by grassroots support to defend this Senate seat, the Rosen campaign is already getting our message out to voters across Nevada. We are using our resource advantage to share Jacky’s record as one of the most bipartisan and effective Senators focused on taking on powerful special interests to bring down costs, growing the middle class, and keeping Nevadans safe. While Jacky is focused on delivering bipartisan results, the extreme MAGA Republicans running against her are going to spend the next two months of their crowded and costly primary setting themselves up to lose the general election.”