BREAKING: I am the OFFICIAL Democratic nominee for the U.S. Senate in Nevada. With The Cook Political Report calling Nevada "the most perilous" swing state for Democrats and Trump recently endorsing my opponent, Sam Brown, I need your help. Please, will you chip in now to help win this crucial battleground state?

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IT’S OFFICIAL: Jacky’s running against Trump-endorsed extremist Sam Brown.

On the Issues

Enhancing Our National Security

Jacky is working every day in the Senate to enhance our national security as we face increasing threats from adversaries around the world. She has written and passed bipartisan bills into law to foster missile defense and maritime collaboration between the U.S. and allies to combat Iranian aggression, create a civilian cybersecurity reserve program, expand cyber cooperation between the U.S. and Taiwan to counter China, shore up the physical and digital defense of federal data centers, ensure private companies can meet Department of Defense artificial intelligence needs, and provide American businesses and state and local governments with model exercises to test their critical infrastructure against the threat of cyber attacks.

As a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, Jacky has also led the charge to provide resources to Nevada’s defense installations, which play a critical role in supporting our national security. She has helped provide long-term funding support for the Nevada National Security Site, which verifies the reliability of our nation’s nuclear stockpile.