BREAKING: I am the OFFICIAL Democratic nominee for the U.S. Senate in Nevada. With The Cook Political Report calling Nevada "the most perilous" swing state for Democrats and Trump recently endorsing my opponent, Sam Brown, I need your help. Please, will you chip in now to help win this crucial battleground state?

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IT’S OFFICIAL: Jacky’s running against Trump-endorsed extremist Sam Brown.

On the Issues

Technology, Cybersecurity, and Innovation

As a former computer programmer, Jacky understands the power of emerging technology to fuel innovation and the need for rules that promote safety and responsibility. She believes in the need for more robust STEM education, stronger cybersecurity, and a forward-looking approach to new areas like artificial intelligence (AI) and digital currency that can grow America’s economy for the future.

Promoting science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education has been one of Jacky’s long-term priorities. Her bipartisan bill to help encourage young girls to pursue computer science and prioritize the teaching of STEM subjects in early childhood was signed into law by President Trump. As part of the historic CHIPS and Science Law, Jacky passed her bipartisan legislation breaking down barriers in STEM for students in rural communities. She co-founded the bipartisan Women in STEM caucus to promote more pathways for women and girls to participate in STEM education and careers.

With cyberattacks on the rise from bad actors, Jacky has been a leader in the fight to strengthen U.S. cybersecurity policies. Her legislation for a new Department of Defense program creating a reserve of qualified civilian cybersecurity professionals to respond to malicious cyberattacks was included in the latest annual defense package. Her bipartisan bills to bolster cybersecurity for medical devices, federal data centers, and Department of Veterans’ Affairs records have all been passed into law. She has also introduced bipartisan bills to improve cybersecurity in the health care and public health sectors, create cybersecurity apprenticeships, and bolster international cybersecurity cooperation with our partners and allies.

Artificial intelligence is a rapidly evolving field that is poised to reshape privacy rights, national security, and our democracy in the 21st century. Jacky’s bipartisan Advancing American AI Innovation Act was passed into law as part of the annual defense bill last Congress, ensuring American defense companies can better meet the Pentagon’s artificial intelligence needs. There are dozens of bills being introduced in Congress related to AI, and Jacky has been participating in bipartisan hearings and briefings to examine this powerful new technology.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are ushering in a new era for the digital economy where Washington has failed to keep up. Congress must establish clear and robust rules for crypto to stop bad actors and prevent our foreign adversaries from getting to dictate the future of this industry. In the Senate, Jacky will work to make sure the United States has smart regulations in place that protect American consumers and foster innovation in the financial system. Commonsense regulation will mean more transparency and accountability for the millions of Americans using digital currency, including a growing number of Nevadans.